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dougy podcast
Dating After the Death of a Partner: Megan Devine on the Dear Dougy podcast
There is a lot that goes unsaid in grief, particularly when it comes to dating after the death of a partner. Jana talks with Megan Devine, grief thinker, speaker, and author of the audio book, When Everything is Not Okay: Practices to Help You Stay in Your Heart & Not Lose Your Mind, about what comes up when grief and dating overlap. When do you know you’re ready? How do you talk with your children? Listen to the interview →

Finding Your Voice While Being of UseMegan Devine on Jessica Williams’ Superwoman Chronicles

“In this truly honest conversation about finding your calling and building your body of work, Megan and I discuss the beauty and hardships of finding your way as a woman – especially in the helping professions. Megan has a talent for talking about hard topics like death and grief with an incredible sense of grace and ease. We get really deep on what it means to claim your voice and your space as a woman.” Please be advised there is adult language in this episode. Listen to the interview →

golden years podcast grief

Emotionally Intelligent Grief Support: Megan Devine with Dr. Mara Karpel

What is emotionally intelligent grief support, and how can we best support each other? Join Megan and host Dr. Mara Karpel and they discuss what to say, what not to say, and the importance of consent inside grief. Listen to the interview →

LInda Schreyer blogtalk radio
Finding Your Support Tribe: Megan Devine with Linda Schreyer on BlogTalk Radio
A conversation with authors Linda Schreyer and Megan Devine on the importance of finding your grief support tribe during times of loss and struggle. Listen to the interview →
grief to grace

A Love Letter to People in Pain: Megan Devine on From Grief to Grace with Chaz Wesley

Megan joins host Chaz Wesley to discuss what she describes as her “love letter to people in pain” as she journeys with others. Listen to the interview →

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The new PBS documentary Speaking Grief is out now.
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