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  1. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for addressing the grocery store issue Megan. It was several days before my husbands funeral when I asked my older brother to drive me to Bed Bath and Beyond get coffee, as I was sure people would return to the house afterward. Which they did.
    I asked him because I was frightened to be in a store and to have to make a decision alone.
    When I did made my first trip to our local grocery store alone, I checked out with a few things but was so overcome with despair at not being able to “buy as ususal” I just left, went to the car and cried.
    Even 5 months later, I see triggers and just need to leave. In myhead, I hear the words “Gotta go!” So I do. A very good friend
    told me not too long ago “Bett, go with your gut. You’ve always had a good one. Which is why I value your opinion.”

    I’m trying to follow that advice through the many facets of this turbulent ride. It may help on occasion. Or not.
    Gotta try.

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