Conversations with interesting people about difficult things: It's OK that You're Not OK, the podcast

What if “positive thinking” isn’t the answer to everything?

None of us are entirely OK right now, and it’s time we start talking about that... together. Each week on the show, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn new things as Megan talks with some of the world's best humans on what it takes to survive impossible things. 

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Each week, we share intimate, thoughtful, unfiltered conversations with interesting people about difficult things. From iconic big names you know - like Dr. Gabor Mate, Valarie Kaur, and Sam Sanders, to voices you might not have heard but should - like Sarah Ramey, Malkia Devich Cyril, and more, every story is an invitation. 

We can make things better, even when they can't be made right.