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It’s OK that you’re not OK - and you deserve lots of support.

Get the support you need when life falls apart.

You’ve read Megan’s books. You follow her on social media. You listen to her podcasts. Now, you really just want to talk to her. We get it. You need to talk to someone who truly understands. On this page: lots of options.

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Live monthly Q&A with Megan

The best way to get support directly from Megan is to join a live grief support group session as a Patreon member. As a member, you’re invited to the live monthly video call - where you can ask any question you’d like - and you gain access to the archive of previous sessions: that’s hundreds of hours of Megan answering questions ranging from how to handle judgment on your grieving process, to scripts for enforcing boundaries, to ideas for memorializing your person (ie: “what do I do with their ashes?”) If you’ve ever wanted to ask Megan for advice – the monthly Q&A community is made for you.

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Private sessions with Megan

Whether you’re seeking a one-time consultation or you’re in need of ongoing support for challenging times, working with Megan is immensely helpful. Sessions are by application only. Time slots are limited, and there may be a waiting list.

(if this is an emergency, don’t wait: dial 911 or go to your local emergency room.)

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Professional & Business consultation

Things go sideways all the time. Sometimes grief is related to death, and sometimes it’s just the messiness of being human. Not sure how to handle grieving employees? Unclear on how to let people know your co-founder is sick? Book a consultation with Megan to get started. Sessions are by application only. Need ongoing consultation for a bigger project? Let us know on the application form, or send an email

I cannot stress enough how much of a communication expert Megan is, just purely in that I have almost never heard a human being speak so succinctly and f*cking perfectly as she did in this talk. It was just like soundbite after soundbite after soundbite. It was a gift to be able to hear her speak.

Jameela Jamil, actor, mental health advocate, & host of iWeigh

As humans, we crave community and connection, Devine says, and that may be especially true during periods of change or upheaval. "Companionship is survival," Devine says. "It's important to feel like you're not the only one in the world feeling this way, because that's how we get isolation, loneliness, and depression, among other things."

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More ways to get support with self-guided courses & trainings.