the love list, ashes, & impermanence


It’s our Wednesday love list post today. It’s also Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Whether or not that is part of your tradition, the symbolism is appropriate for us here: recognition, public acknowledgement, that all life is temporary.

We all know death is what will come for every one of us, the timing largely out of our hands.

While many traditions wear ashes (Vibhuti is the sacred ash used in the Hindu tradition), our community of grievers don’t just wear ashes symbolically: if out-of-order death has sprung up in your life, you’re kind of a public billboard for impermanence. 

So while our people named here below are in my heart and on my mind, I hold our whole community in my heart today, a community of mourners and lovers, wearing ashes every day, in some form or another.

Peace be with you, sweet ones.


This Wednesday, or whenever you come to this page, please hold the following people in your hearts. Send them whatever good wishes, warmth, & blessing feels right.


    • Zade’s family, as they miss their boy.
    • hold Chris B. in your thoughts, as he acknowledges his wife’s birthday this week.
    • please send good wishes for an easing of stress to Lorelei.
    • send thoughts of a wonderful birthday, and an unending supply of good news to Cadi.
    • hold Debbie and her boys in your heart, as she acknowledges Austin’s birthday this week
    • and Elaine, celebrating her Vic’s birthday this week as well


CCC: you know love.

May you know kindness.

May you be free from suffering.

May the love that is offered find you

and bring you peace.


PS: to be added to the love list for next Wednesday’s post, send me a message.