CNN reporter breaks down in tears during report on coronavirus in California

So much spiraling loss.

This is why we have such a “cheer people up / it’s not that bad / buck up and move on” approach to grief: it’s really, really hard to keep your eyes open to actual pain. It’s easier to put up a wall, distance yourself, look away, blame the griever for their grief. It’s much harder to let in the reality of being human: this hurts and you cannot fix it.

Journalists are front line workers, keeping their eyes open to the pain around them, trying to help us see. Click this link to hear what it’s really like to witness loss after loss in our hospitals. Let that move you to be even more cautious, even more kind.

As always, take care of yourselves, friends. What’s happening in the US, plus the pandemic, plus all the loss happening alongside those things – it’s a lot. Stay home, wear a mask when you must go out, wash your hands, keep your eyes open and your heart a place of welcome. Fresh new grief enters our community every day.

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