Upcoming Event! De-pathologizing Grief: a workshop presented by Megan Devine on April 1st, 2022

Join me for an online clinical workshop:

De-pathologizing Grief

Friday, April 1st from 9am to 1pm PST

Presented by the Central Oregon Association of Psychologists

With so much media and public health attention on “getting help” for mental health issues, clinicians are being asked to navigate far more grief than ever before – at a time when we’re living through our own losses and fatigue (pandemic and otherwise).

It was true before the pandemic, and it’s more true now: pathology based models of dealing with grief will not help us face pain. Not in our clients, not in ourselves, and not in the world.

In this four hour intensive, Megan presents an overview of our history with grief, touching briefly on pathologized models currently prevalent in clinical and medical practice.

The bulk of our time together will be spent on recognizing normal, healthy grief, understanding the spectrum of emotional pain, and discussing tools and approaches to grief that are far more inclusive, kind, and effective than the reductive models currently in use.

This workshop includes a question and answer session, so bring your concerns and case studies. This is a great opportunity to discuss grief in your patients and clients, in your teams, and in yourselves.

Registration and additional info at this link.