Grief Impacts Reading Comprehension

Grief impacts reading comprehension. It’s super common, yet it’s one of those weird effects we don’t usually talk about.

I hear the same thing from just about everyone in grief’s early days (remember, define early for yourself): grief obliterates their ability to read, comprehend, and sustain attention.

No matter how much of a book person you were before you loss, your capacity to read has most likely been impacted by grief. There’s not much you can do about that. For some, their comprehension returns, but their attention span never returns to its pre-loss state. For many others, comprehension and attention span gradually return, but their areas of interest in reading an learning take a completely new path.

If you’re grieving this secondary loss of your reading ability, know that, in most cases, it is transitory. It just takes longer than you might think to regain (or rebuild) your reader’s mind.

How about you? Have you noticed any changes to your ability to read and understand? Let us know in the comments.

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