You Can’t Give From Empty – Grief Professionals & COVID-19 with Megan Devine

Hello friends – my conversation with Jana Cristofaro, host of the Grief Out Loud podcast, is available now!

Talking with my colleagues and allies is helping me survive the overwhelming amount of work in front of me. In front of all of us – therapists, funeral directors, nurses, palliative care teams – your pros are all working REALLY hard to get resources out where they can be useful.

Jana and I sat down in our respective homes to talk about old grief, new loss, and the need for pros to recharge and take breaks during which they ignore the world.

Listen to the show.


What happens when a crisis affects everyone, including those who support others? Who is left to show up and care for those who need it the most? Grief professionals are faced with finding answers to the question, “How do we care for ourselves so we can care for others?” Megan Devine is the founder of Refuge in Grief, author of It’s OK That You’re Not OK, and creator of Writing Your Grief online classes and communities. We delve into these questions and explore how the pandemic is affecting Megan, the people she supports, and her colleagues in the grief world.

Listen to the show.

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