Should you be fired for taking time off from work after loss? Help close the bereavement leave loophole!

Grieving people should not have to worry about losing their jobs. Yet millions of bereaved Americans currently have no job or wage protections.

Right now the average American can be fired for not showing up to work the day after their child – or spouse, or domestic partner, or a parent, or a sibling – dies. And, it’s perfectly legal thanks to the bereavement leave loophole.

But you can help change that! We have 10 days and counting.

Share your story with Congress via this link and help close the bereavement leave loophole.

We must close this loophole as millions of Americans are grieving the deaths of loved ones.

For the next two weeks, Congress is accepting stories from parents who have experienced challenges due to the lack of “universal paid leave.” They need to hear from you NOW!


Here’s how:

You can submit a short video or photo w/caption or a written piece to Include your name, what you do for a living and handles. Tag them on Facebook and Twitter at @WaysMeansCmte

This can only be done by YOU. We must ACT NOW to ensure that everyday grieving Americans aren’t left behind.

Let your voice be heard.

Click here to learn more about how you can share with others and be the change.