hold me in your heart for awhile…

(title of this Wednesday’s post taken from this song by Warren Zevon.)

 This Wednesday, or whenever you come to this page, please hold the following people in your hearts. Send them whatever good wishes, warmth, & blessing feels right.


*  Nicole B.

* S.S., who is living the first anniversary of her mother’s death today.

* positive thoughts for a peaceful heart for Nina.

* MMD, acknowledging their 9th anniversary today.

* please send extra love for a normal day of missing and living to Chels M.

*  Nancy B. as she mourns the loss of her four-legged.




May you know love.

May you know kindness.

May you be free from suffering.

May the love that is offered find you

and bring you peace.




PS: to be added to the love list for next Wednesday’s post, send me a message.