How to carry what can’t be fixed now available for kindle!

Good news! My new guided grief journal, How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed, is now available for Kindle.⁣ ⁣

⁣Being allowed to tell the truth about your grief is an incredibly powerful act. How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed lets you to tell your whole story, without the need to tack on a happy ending where there isn’t one.

Also good news: The Kindle version of the journal is currently on sale for $9.99 on Amazon (down from $16.99). We have no idea how long this sale is going to last, so if you wanted a digital version of the journal, now’s your chance to write your grief at a discount!

With writing prompts to help you honor your pain and heartbreak, on-the-spot practices for tough situations—like grocery store trips, sleepless nights, and grief landmines, tips on managing anxiety and handling big emotions, and practical advice for fielding uncomfortable questions, this journal isn’t like any other. ⁣

It also contains handy tools to help educate friends and family on how best to support you in your grief. ⁣

There’s even a section on grief and friendships, including tips to help people know what to say to someone who feels lonely – a big, central part of early grief. ⁣⁣⁣

Your grief, like your love, belongs to you. No one has the right to dictate, judge, or dismiss what is yours to live. How to Carry What Can’t Be Fixed is a journal and everyday companion to help you enter a conversation with your grief, write through grief, find your own truth, and live into the life you didn’t ask for — but is here nonetheless.⁣

If you’ve been wanting a digital version of the journal, it’s available now via Amazon. Find the paperback version wherever you buy books. If you’re outside the US and having trouble finding a copy, Book Depository ships worldwide for free.⁣