How can I help you to help someone in grief?


I really do want to be of service to those of you who are trying to support someone you care about. I know you feel helpless and powerless and frustrated.

I’m not always sure how to help.

I can keep pointing you back to this list of 11 ways to help a grieving friend. I can write about compassion and practice, right timing, and choosing your words.

But in order to serve you, in order to help even more, I want to know what you need. I don’t want to just ramble on about things that take up space and leave you wanting more.

So this post today is an invitation. A request. Either in the comments here, or in an email, or even on the Refuge in Grief facebook page, please share your questions with  me. Let me know what you need.

What do you want to know? What do you wish someone in pain could or would tell you about grief?

What questions do you have about grief, about love, about being of help?

What’s the most frustrating or irritating part of trying to be a friend to someone in pain?

Let ‘er rip, folks.

We’re working on a podcast series, as well as a Q&A advice-ish column. I’ll do my best to answer your questions on the blog, or in one of these formats. Thanks for being part of the community, and for wanting to help those you love. It matters.