How to Support the Grieving: Megan Devine on Love Your Work with David Kadavy

Hello friends – my conversation with David Kadavy, host of the Love Your Work podcast, is available now!

Listen to the show.


“If we’re going to love our work, we have to be kind to one another. And part of being kind is supporting others when they’re hurting.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What are the top things to never say when trying to support the grieving? The list could get impossibly long, so Megan will share a quick shortcut.
  • You may have heard of five stages of grief. I won’t bother listing them, because these stages are horribly misunderstood. Learn why thinking of grief according to stages just makes things worse.
  • The #1 thing that’s broken about how we respond to grief is that we treat it like a problem to be fixed. There’s one simple mindset shift that can help us do better.

Chances are, you’ve had grieving people in your life. If you haven’t, you most certainly will. Now is the time to build these skills, so let’s get started.”

Listen to the show.

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