Kindness to self: Even you deserve it.

I’ve had my head down working on the new manuscript every day, all day this month. I’m super excited to see this workbook out in the world. It isn’t out until January 2020, but all the creation and design happens over the next few months.

I feel a lot of self-generated pressure this time around. It’s different than the last book. Creating a book that gives tangible tools for responding to grief isn’t an easy task. Including things that serve people in those first, raw, early days AND things that serve people outside the initial impact zone is an interesting challenge. There’s so much I want to put in there, and there just isn’t room.

I’ve chosen to put a lot of exciting, creative things on hold until the book is done. On top of all this, I’ve been sick with a head-cold for over two weeks. I don’t do “patience” very well, but I’m trying.

I asked resident video-editor Kimberly to put together this short audio/video on kindness-to-self. Being kind to yourself isn’t an easy task, either. We’re just so conditioned to be harsh. Self-critical. Impatient. All the encouragement to be kind to yourself bounces off that internal monologue: oh, but you don’t know me the way I do. I don’t deserve kindness.

Tough stuff.

Check out this video, friends. For all you’ve had to live, you deserve kindness. And leave your answer to the end-of-video question here in the comments! I love to hear from you.

Being kind to yourself is one of the hardest things to do. OTHER people might deserve kindness and compassion, but you? You know too much about yourself - the things you did and didn't do - to ever be kind. Click To Tweet

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flame-heart-100 How about you? What does self-kindness look like to you this week? Today? This moment?

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