Megan Devine on Irenicast

Hello friends – Co-host Rev. Rajeev Rambob and I had a great conversation about grief on Irenicast, which is available now!

Listen to the show.


“Rajeev sits down and has a conversation on grief with author Megan Devine. Grief might be the most universal human experience and Megan shares her personal journey to her work as a grief advocate. She provides wisdom into developing one’s own grief skills, whether they are needed for personal griefs or to walk into grief with a loved one. As a loving act toward yourself, listen to this conversation and take a look at all of the amazing resources Megan has available. This may be the most practical episode we’ve ever recorded.

To top it off, Rajeev and Megan play a few rounds of Over/Under. Somehow avocado toast makes another appearance… but that is not the best part. Listen to the end.”

Listen to the show.


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