overwhelmed by the pain of the world? Here’s what to do.

You know how I talk about spiritual bypassing inside grief? Well the same thing happens in all kinds of pain: I mean, think about how horrid it would be to tell someone fleeing their country that the violence of their home country is only happening because they aren’t thinking positive thoughts. That the LGBTQ community wouldn’t be in so much pain over the deaths of trans-women if they’d just see the cosmic lesson inside it all. Are you suffering in any way? The universe is trying to teach you a lesson. Raise your vibration and everything will be all good!

Spiritual bypass also happens as we listen to the cries of the world and think maybe praying for everyone is the best (and only) course of action.

In this essay on, I dive in to a middle path through the pain of the world. One that draws on spiritual practices as a way to help you take action to reduce suffering AND help yourself navigate the overwhelming flood of pain and hardship in the world. Finding that balance between being overly informed (and therefore exhausted and overwhelmed) and ignoring the news completely is a skill – and it’s one place that spiritual practices can actually help.

There really is a middle ground in which you can take excellent care of your emotional boundaries AND respond to the pain of the world in beautiful and useful ways. Click To Tweet

Check out the essay on the Mind Body Green site, and stay tuned for more essays on that platform: I have a lot more to say, as always.


How about you? Spiritual bypassing can apply in grief and in lots of other areas. It’s not always on purpose, either – we do a lot of things without being aware of it. Becoming aware of it is the first step to taking more effective actions. How do you see spiritual bypassing showing up in your life – either in your own actions, or in the actions of others? Let us know in the comments.