more help for the holiday season

We’ve been talking a lot about how hard the holiday season is when you’re grieving. Earlier this week, I shared the new comic artist Brittany Bilyeu made – showcasing the things people in the Writing Your Grief alumni community most wanted others to know about the realities of grief, and how friends and family could help.

I’ll be on Sounds True’s facebook page tomorrow, Decmeber 19th, to answer your questions about grief and the holidays. Please join us, whehter you’re grieving, or hoping to support someone who is. If you can’t make the live Q&A session, be sure to visit the Sounds True page to watch the recording.

And last week, I spoke with KATU’s AM Northwest host Helen Raptis about the special challenge of the holiday season for grieving people. Here’s my conversation with Helen – including Helen’s realization that the grocery store is a really difficult place for grievers!