movie landmine warning.

Why do I go to the movies anymore? I try to entertain myself, and I end up worse than when I went in.
Without giving the story away, but in the interest of fair warning:

In case anyone is planning to see the movie I Love You Phillip Morris,
there are death scenes.

Based on the previews, I was not expecting this movie to have death scenes.
Just as I was not expecting death or widowhood when I went
to see Nanny McPhee, Inception, or most of the films I have seen in
the last 18 months. I think I have blocked out most of them, because I
can’t remember them now.

I will say that I recently saw The King’s Speech, and not only is it a
fantastic film with great acting, there was no dea… oh, shoot. I just remembered.
There was a death in that one too. But it wasn’t an emotional death scene, at least for me.

So there we have it. The best movie review I can give you, and all I can say is –
the death in it isn’t that bad.