who needs love? Well, we do. On the wednesday love list.


It’s our Wednesday love list post today.

This Wednesday, or whenever you come to this page, please hold the following people in your hearts. Send them whatever good wishes, warmth, & blessing feels right.     


    • bring out safe traveling vibes, and intent for good adventures – both of them together, actually, for Chelsea and her girls.
    • send love to Linda: see those waves going out to her, invisible yet tangible.
    • extend your blessings for whatever comfort can be found to our dear friend Fran, as she comes up on four months this week.
    • Carolyn T. just joined the widowed world. Please send your love out through the ethers.
    • continued strength for Nina and her son. 6 months is a blink and an eternity. Let your love hold them up, dear ones.
    • please send your love to Judy, and her mom Ruth, as they mark the 5th anniversary of their brother/son’s death, and face the four month mark of Judy’s beloved Michael’s death. Big week.
    • hold Jill in your heart and mind, as she comes up on the 2 years and 2 months mark soon. She didn’t ask for that specific day to be noted, but in this season of love and remembrance, let’s send her our love.
    • to all of those mentioned here, and all of you who want to be here, but couldn’t ask: may there be beauty, love, and solace welling up inside your day, today, and in the days to come.


tibetan bowl on map psyberartist

May you know love.

May you know kindness.

May you be free from suffering.

May the love that is offered find you

and bring you peace.



If you, or someone you care about, would like to be added to the list for next Wednesday’s post, send me a message.