Ways to Survive the Holiday Season When You’re Grieving

Resident Grief Revolution illustrator Brittany Bilyeu and I created this year’s holiday comic with a focus on the grieving person (last year’s viral comic taught friends and family how to be supportive).

The holiday season hurts. That is just reality. Whether you are missing someone who should be part of the festivities, or you are missing someone who shared your love of quiet acknowledgment over raucous partying, this season will add some to your grief.    But there are ways to make it gentler for yourself:

Please remember, whatever you choose to do (or not do) in this holiday season, staying true to yourself is important. To the best of your ability, seek out those places that companion your sadness, and avoid those places that ask you to pretend you are something other than you are. Life is too short for that. Make this season as much of a comfort to you as you can.

May your holiday season (or non-holiday, depending) be as full of love and connection as it can be.

This comic was made possible thanks to my amazing Grief Revolution patrons. Their support is absolutely vital in making super duper education and awareness tools such as comics, videos, and animations happen.

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flame-heart-100How about you? How are you caring for yourself during this holiday season? Let us know in the comments.