Protecting your mental health in the healthcare workplace, with the burned out burnout expert, Dr. Jessi Gold

July 17, 2024
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We know that healthcare workers are burned out and exhausted. Provider mental health is a huge issue… but are the institutions listening? 

This week on It’s OK, burnout expert Dr. Jessi Gold talks to us about (obviously) burnout, but also ways HCW* can start to change the workplace culture into one that actually values the human workforce. Sound unlikely? Listen in for Dr. Gold’s ideas for a grassroots movement - using the language of capitalism to get the c-suite to listen.

*We talk a bunch about HCW in this episode, but the topics involved are relevant to everyone who feels even a little bit exhausted by the pressures of the world! 

Dr. Gold’s new book, How Do You Feel?: One Doctor's Search for Humanity in Medicine, is out on October 8, 2024. For more info visit drjessigold.com

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About our guest:

Dr. Jessi Gold is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. She’s a nationally recognized expert on healthcare worker mental health and burnout (particularly during the pandemic). 

Her work can be found in major publications like The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe Washington Post, and TIME. Find the “burned out burnout expert” at drjessigold.com and on social media @drjessigold

Pre-order Dr. Jessi Gold’s book - How Do You Feel?: One Doctor's Search for Humanity in Medicine

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