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Things to do first.

The first weeks and months after an intense loss are a world unto themselves. Few things bring comfort. Words of intended comfort just grate. Knowing (or being told) that this won’t last forever isn’t really helpful. The early days are not the time for future plans or even for reflection on what’s going on. Survival has a very small circumference: minute by minute, sometimes.

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These two tip sheets cover the basic things you need to know for managing grief and supporting a friend through loss. Tap the links for downloadable PDFs: 8 Simple Acts for Unbearable Times is for those living in the early days of grief. Do This/Not That is a handy tip sheet for support people. 

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Where to next?
  •  If you’re grieving, we recommend joining Megan’s once a month  grief support group calls, where you can get answers to your questions about grief and learn how to survive. 
  • If you want a judgment free place to explore your losses, we strongly recommend the Writing Your Grief self-guided course. More than 10,000 people have used the prompts to tell the truth about their grief. Come see. 
  • Want customized support for yourself, AND tips for your friends and family so they can support you better? Get customized, text-based tips through Help Texts. Use code megandevine to get $10 off. 

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