It’s OK turns two!

It’s book birthday day!

Two years ago today, It’s OK that You’re Not OK came out into the world. Since then, it’s helped thousands of people feel supported in their grief, and helped even more folks improve the way they support friends, family members, and clients.

I’m so thrilled with the ways this book has reached you. I REALLY love to see the book out in the world, in your hands, in your hearts, in your communities. I love to hear what the book means to you. Your notes and reviews and social media posts are so wonderful. Be sure to tag @refugeingrief on all your social media channels when you post about the book so the team and I can see!

And if you haven’t yet, please pop over to amazon and post a review. And then head over to Goodreads and post your review there as well. That would be the best birthday present, for both me (yesterday) and the book (today). Tag us in a social media post once you’ve done your review too! We’d love to celebrate together.

don’t have your copy yet? Check here for retailers, or visit your local library.


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