Grief: It’s OK That You’re Not OK – Megan Devine on the Call Her Daddy podcast

How do you navigate the complex whirl of emotions after the death of someone who was a toxic presence in your life?

What should you definitely NOT do when supporting a grieving friend, and what truly helps someone whose life has just turned upside down?

Find out in my conversation with host Alex Cooper on the on Call Her Daddy poodcast!

Grief comes in many forms – it’s a universal experience. But, do you really know how to handle it? Psychotherapist and grief expert, Megan Devine joins Call Her Daddy to discuss her own journey with grief after the sudden loss of her partner. Megan provides tangible advice to support yourself and others managing grief. She shares exactly what NOT to do when it comes to supporting a grieving friend and offers the best ways to show up and support someone.

Megan speaks about the importance of setting boundaries while grieving and shares some personal boundaries she created in the aftermath of losing her partner. She talks about the feelings associated with grieving a toxic person, and has advice for navigating the mix of feelings that come with that experience.

Megan challenges the idea that grief is something to overcome and normalizes – it’s okay to be really fucking sad. Whether you are recently grieving, years out or looking to support someone who recently experienced loss, Megan provides the insight we all need to hear.

Listen to the episode here!