Upcoming Clinical Training Alert! Grief Summit 2023 – April 13th and 14th

Why do you need training on grief if you don’t work with grieving clients?

No matter what you *think* you specialize in, if you work in mental health, you work with grief. If you work in medicine, you work with grief. Grief is ALWAYS in the room – especially after these last few years.

Training alert!

And ~save a hundred dollars~ alert!


The 2023 Grief Summit is happening April 13-14. Join me and other grief experts (like Claire Bidwell Smith and What’s Your Grief’s Litsa Williams!) for two days of talks – ALL ONLINE. Join us from your favorite comfy chair, in your pjs, or whatever suits you best. Just come.

Use this link to register. If you’ll be joining us LIVE, use promo code “GRIEF100” to save $100 when you register:

Join us here.


If you can’t join us live, but want to learn all the things via recorded sessions, use the use code “Megan100” to save $100 when you pre-order the recordings.

Register here to join us later.


No matter your specialty, loss is a universal experience impacting each of your clients. Failed at every turn by a “fix it” culture, and a rush to “return to normal,” far too many are feeling lost, broken, and left behind.

And as traditional ways of seeing grief – that it only affects those who have lost a loved one to death – become increasingly outdated… you need the latest clinical tools and guidance to keep up.

Register now and join over 50,000 professionals who’ve already counted on Grief Summit to make them an invaluable resource for their grieving clients in today’s destabilizing world.

Join us here.