care & feeding of your grieving person

If you’re like most people, you’re never sure what to do or say when faced with someone’s pain. That’s why our resident illustrator, Brittany Bilyeu, made you this handy “care and feeding” guide.


Isn’t it wonderful? You can find more of Brittany’s work at her shop, Culture Flock. Be sure to spread this comic around, friends. Helping people get better at giving support is going to take a team effort.

Need to know exactly how to help a grieving friend? Easy: just choose some of the actions in this handy comic. PS: it's easier than you think. Click To Tweet

Want more on how to help a grieving friend? Want support for yourself as you live through a life you didn’t ask for, but is here nonetheless? Be sure to check out the resources for support people here, and the resources for grieving people here.

If you’re carrying grief (no matter how recent or how old), check out our most popular, hugely amazing Writing Your Grief course. It’s not like most places on the internet. Inside the course, you can tell the whole truth about your grief – and you won’t hear a single platitude. No advice, no cheerleading, just acknowledgment and support. The next course session happens soon. All the information is right here.

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How about you? Where will you share this handy comic cheat-sheet? Who do you wish would improve their skills? Let us know in the comments.