Top Gifts for Grieving People

What’s the best gift for someone who’s going through a hard time?

Everybody knows someone who’s grieving this holiday season. From the little every day losses of routine and normalcy, to the big losses like the death of someone you love, grief is everywhere.

While you can’t take someone’s pain away, a thoughtful gift is a great way to offer your love and support.

Before you panic about what the “right” gift to give a grieving person might be – please don’t stress too much. It’s ok to be awkward and unsure! In fact, you might include a card that says something like, “There’s nothing I can give you that will fix this. I’m here, and I love you, even if I don’t always know what to say.”

If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts and services for your friends & family this holiday season, here are my top ten picks for grieving people:

Other things to keep in mind as you look for holiday gifts for grieving people in your life: focus on things that nurture, nourish, or support your friend without creating extra work for them.

For example, a collection of gift cards to favorite restaurants is a better choice than having ten bags of groceries delivered to their front door. Your friend might not have room in their fridge, or their appetite might not be so great, or they might be away for the weekend – and all that food would go to waste. Non-perishable gifts let your friend have some control over when and how they use your gift, and that extra layer of thoughtfulness goes a long way.

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