How can you help a grieving friend during the holidays?

Grief is hard any time of year, but the holiday season can feel particularly brutal. If you’re trying to support someone you love, this comic is for you. And if you’d like some help educating friends and family on the best ways to support you, this comic is for you, too.

Illustrator Brittany Bilyeu and I teamed up to share some of the most common helpful (and unhelpful!) things people can do to make the holiday season a little more gentle on grieving people.

Let’s share this comic around! Most people want to help, they just aren’t sure how. By sharing this post (and others from the RIG archives), we help everyone get better at delivering the love and support they intend.

Grief can feel particularly brutal during the holidays. Trying to support someone you love? This comic is for you. Need some help educating friends & family on the best ways to support you? We've got you. Click To Tweet

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