Why We Have To Grieve Our Last Good Days and How to Hope for the Future

“You have your own memory from Before you can’t help returning to. The last concert you went to, the last hug you had with a distant loved one, the last trip you took to work maskless and unafraid. The last time you didn’t know would be the last time.

Millions of people are mourning the experiences and sensations of the pre-pandemic world while also mourning loved ones. There are so many things to mourn—obvious and invisible, devastating and subtle—that we may have difficulty talking about and honoring what we’re experiencing. Especially while it’s still happening. Still. The word of the year, perhaps, in both of its meanings. A lack of motion, and an exhausting ongoingness.”

More in this beautiful piece from The Atlantic at this link.

How about you? Tell us about your “Last Good Day” Before your loss (whenever it occurred).

One of my favorite parts of this article talks about how life is too uncertain to hope for a specific outcome. If we can’t realistically hope like that, what do you hope your life feels like in the days, months, years to come?

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