It’s Not Just Business: healthcare equity & leadership with Dr. Errol Pierre

June 22, 2024
Its O Kpod Errol Pierre rerelease

Dr. Errol Pierre is a corporate executive, leader, mentor, and outspoken advocate for healthcare equity in the US and Haiti. HIs book, The Way Up, helps underrepresented individuals from all ethnic backgrounds achieve their professional goals and elevate their careers in today's workplace.

What you probably don’t know is that grief - in one form or another - plays a part in every one of those roles. 

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About our guest:

Dr. Errol Pierre is the Senior Vice President of State Programs at a large non-profit health plan in New York. He provides leadership, mentorship, and guidance to professionals of color across various industries, ensuring the advancement of diverse professionals into leadership positions. He’s also fiercely committed to healthcare equity - building a world where systemic equity is built into the foundation of all new ventures. 

Follow Dr. Errol Pierre at @ErrolLPierre on most social platforms or visit errolpierre.com

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