Overachieving as a cry for help: with Laurel Braitman

June 23, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Ep 23 Laurel Braitman

Lots of smart, high achieving people learned to greet pain with stoicism: by being mature and responsible, even as kids.

But what happens when you can’t maintain the facade of having your sh*t entirely together? Do you ever get to be less than Super Human?


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About our guest:

Laurel Braitman is a New York Times bestselling author – her new book, What Looks Like Bravery: An Epic Journey Through Loss to Love, is out now. 

She’s the founder of Writing Medicine, a global community of writing healthcare professionals, and the Director of Writing and Storytelling at the Medical Humanities and the Arts Program at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Find her at laurelbraitman.com and on IG @laurel_braitman.

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