Palliative care is for everyone (yeah, even YOU) with guest, trauma surgeon Dr. Red Hoffman

July 16, 2024
Its O Kpod Red Hoffman

Wait, isn't palliative care something hospice does before somebody dies? Well, yes, but that’s just part of the story: palliative care covers a whole lot of health conditions, even temporary medical health setbacks. Palliative care is like symptom relief for the emotional challenges of being alive. 

Doesn't that sound really interesting? Find out what it is, and why it applies to YOU in this week’s episode with special guest trauma surgeon Dr. Red Hoffman.

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About our guest:

Dr. Red Hoffman is a board certified trauma surgeon trained in surgical care and hospice and palliative medicine. She's one of the leading voices advocating for palliative medicine across all departments and subspecialties in medicine. 

Find her at redhoffmanmd.com and follow her on Twitter @RedMDND

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