Sometimes loss is freedom: a conversation with Rebecca Woolf

July 18, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Rebecca Woolf rerun

What if you were just about to get divorced, but your partner gets sick? Like really sick? Rebecca Woolf was just about to leave an unhappy marriage when her husband got sick and died. What followed was a crash course in performative grief, and the dismantling of one life in order to build the next.

This week on It’s OK, we cover love, sex, marriage, divorce, grief, shame, assumptions (both internal and external), and personal agency – it’s QUITE the conversation.

Sensitivity note: this episode contains the F word, and references sex.


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About our guest:

Rebecca Woolf has worked as a writer since her teens – it’s the way she understands both herself and the world. Her essays have appeared on Refinery29, HuffPost, Parenting, and more. She currently authors the bi-weekly column Sex & the Single Mom on romper.com

Her latest book is All of This: a Memoir of Death and Desire. Find her on IG @rebeccawooolf (with three o’s) and at rebeccawoolf.com

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