The Things That Define Us, with Chase Jarvis: Part Two

July 17, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Chase Jarvis part 2

If you try to not let something define you, can it define you anyway?

You might know Chase Jarvis as an Emmy nominated photographer, founder of Creative Live, and angel investor. The world of venture capital and billion dollar deals isn’t exactly known for its human side, but Chase’s kindness and vulnerability are legendary.

In part two of our conversation, we get into a deep discussion over whether a successful person is allowed to feel intense grief, or if success disqualifies you. We unpack an accident that could have killed him - and how that experience shaped his life even as he tried to ignore it. Chase’s willingness to explore personal, emotional territory in real time in this episode is really special.

We make a lot of invisible things visible in this episode, from the creativity of every day, to the grief of  getting what you want, to how a near-death experience can both shape your entire life AND be something you refuse to think about.

Content note: this episode contains a lot of swearing.


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About our guest:

Chase Jarvis is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and one of the most influential photographers of the past 20 years.  His expansive work ranges from shooting advertising campaigns for companies like Apple, Nike, and Red Bull; to working with athletes like Serena Williams and Tony Hawk, to collaborating with renowned icons like Lady Gaga and Richard Branson. 

He is the Founder of CreativeLive, where more than 10 million students learn from the world’s top creators and entrepreneurs; CreativeLive was acquired by Fiverr in 2021. His recent book Creative Calling debuted as an instant National Best Seller. More at chasejarvis.com

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