What happens to childhood grief when you grow up? with Allyson Dinneen

July 17, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Allyson Dinneen rerun

Our early childhood experiences of grief – and how our family systems dealt with loss – have a huge impact on our adult behaviors and relationships.

This week, author Allyson Dinneen (@notesfromyourtherapist) joins me to discuss generational grief stories, and your number one most asked question: how does a grieving therapist (or another healthcare provider) go back to work?

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About our guest:

Allyson Dinneen is a marriage and family therapist, author, and the creator of the immensely popular Instagram account, Notes from Your Therapist – which is also the name of her recent book

Allyson’s work has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more. Find her on IG @notesfromyourtherapist and at allysondinneen.com.

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