What’s it all for? Loss and meaning in midlife with Chip Conley

April 14, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Ep 4 Chip Conley

Midlife has a lot of messy stuff in it: divorce, the death of your parents, menopause, health scares, empty nests, career changes, feeling increasingly irrelevant – “midlife” has terrible branding, according to author, modern elder, and hospitality expert, Chip Conley. 

What if midlife (and beyond) could include an ever deepening sense of self and more satisfying connections – right alongside all that cascading loss? 

Chip and Megan start out talking about midlife, and wind their way to the power of telling the truth about your own life. In the middle, there’s grief: scary diagnoses, the deaths of friends, a near death experience, and some personal wake up calls to the meaning of life. 

It’s Ok that You’re Not Ok in the mixed bag of midlife.


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About our guest:

Chip Conley is a strategic advisor for hospitality and leadership at Airbnb, founder of the Modern Elder Academy, which helps people in their ‘third age’ find a new path forward, and author of Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. He was a founder board member for Burning Man. 

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