It's OK that You're Not OK

Get resources and trainings to help you find support & connection - no matter what life brings.

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Those things that are hard to talk about? We need to talk about them. 

Life is full of difficult things, from everyday disappointments to life-altering events - both personal and collective. Everyone’s at least a little bit Not OK these days, something grief expert and psychotherapist Megan Devine knows from the inside out.

Megan's podcast

It's OK That You're Not OK

What if “positive thinking” isn’t the answer to everything? If you’ve had it with bumper sticker responses to complex situations, this podcast is for you. Hope-filled, candid conversations with excellent guests: It’s OK that You’re Not OK. New episodes every Monday. 

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Get the book that changed how we think about loss.

It's OK that You're Not OK started a revolution. Find the best selling book on grief in print, audio, and e-reader formats wherever you get your books.

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Creative, Supportive Ways To Explore Your Grief

Start the best selling 30 day Writing Your Grief course and tell the whole truth about your grief. Writing won't fix it... but it can make it easier to bear. Come see.

Not sure how to work with loss? 

Complex emotional events can be overwhelming. Skills help. Explore all the training options, including Megan's 6 month intensive.

Some things cannot be fixed. Acknowledgement isn't just the best medicine we have - sometimes it's the only medicine we have.

Megan Devine

I cannot stress enough how much of a communication expert Megan is, just purely in that I have almost never heard a human being speak so succinctly and f*cking perfectly as she did in this talk. It was just like soundbite after soundbite after soundbite. It was a gift to be able to hear her speak.

Jameela Jamil, actor, mental health advocate, & host of iWeigh

This has been an experience that is so beautiful. It's been this, really like heart forward, heart open journey. Thank you for inviting me into what feels like kind of a sacred space.

Baratunde Thurston, host of PBS America Outdoors

Megan knocks it out of the park. The moving delivery of her personal story, plus her issuing a challenge to our community to do better around grief, led many Death Salon attendees to cite Megan’s talk as a highlight of our programming.

Megan Rosenbloom, director, Death Salon

There's no denying the grief simmering beneath the surface of daily life. It’s in our personal lives, it’s in the news, it’s in our communities. The thing is - we never really talk about it: just how much grief connects us. These are the conversations we long for.

Megan Devine

HOW we talk about painful events makes all the difference in how well we survive those things.

Megan Devine
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We can make things better, even when they can't be made right.