We need to talk about grief

Not talking about grief is making things worse. 


We don’t do grief very well in this modern culture. We don’t talk about it, we get uncomfortable around it, and in some mind-twisting way, we hope grief will leave us alone if we focus on the bright side of life. But that’s not how grief works.

Even professionals trained in grief tend to think something’s wrong if people don’t get over their losses quickly, but not talking about grief has a high cost - interpersonally and collectively. 

The only way any of this will ever improve is by talking about grief - what it really is, and what we need most from each other in times of difficulty. 

In this interview from Connecticut Public Radio, Megan and Sandy Hook parent survivor & advocate Nelba Marquez Greene take a hard look at grief, including how to survive it and how we can all better support those who are living in it.

We can make things better, even when they can't be made right.