The Weight of the World

How do you handle the broader grief of the world? How can you possibly take in all the horrible things happening? How can you avoid shutting down, but also not get crushed by the weight of… everything? 


There is a lot to grieve in the world right now. The horrific events in the Middle East, in Sudan, in Ukraine, and other hot spots around the world; there is no shortage of death and suffering. In the US, we’ve got rampant gun violence, hate crimes, and we’re still reeling from the pandemic that took over a million lives in the US alone. There’s the current - and coming - loss related to climate catastrophes. It’s a fire hose of pain. Do we take it on with full deep empathy? Do we get overwhelmed by the magnitude and tune out entirely? In conversation with John Moe, Megan Devine, a therapist, author, and podcast host, says the human mind wasn’t designed to deal with all that our modern world demands of it. But she says we can respond with compassion and recognize the grief that is upon us. 


Listen to Empathy, Compassion, and Trying To Read the News with Megan Devine on Depresh Mode with John Moe right here: 




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