What's considered "normal"?

With so many different opinions, theories, and outdated descriptions - what is considered normal in grief? 


Because we don’t usually talk about the realities of grief, most people aren’t aware of the many forms grief takes. If anything, we’re usually aware of ideas like the stages of grief, and we’re pretty sure grief shouldn’t last more than a couple of months. Those narrow definitions of grief mean that many grieving people think they’re doing grief wrong, and many supporters are worried that their friend’s grief is…. Weird. Dramatic. Dangerous. Not normal. 

Just because grief is painful doesn’t make it wrong. 

Normal grief covers a lot of territory. Grief is a full body, full mind experience: if it’s in the body or the mind – grief affects it. The image below (tap here to download) covers some of the most common expressions of grief, but it’s definitely not everything. While your “symptoms” might feel weird to you, whatever you’re experiencing, chances are someone else has felt it too. Even if you’ve lived through grief at other times in your life, you’ve never had to live this particular loss before. Your grief might show up in interesting or confusing ways.

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