Sorry For Your Loss: comedian Michael Cruz Kayne

April 18, 2024
Its O Kpod S3 Ep 19 Michael Cruz Kayne

How do you turn the worst thing that’s ever happened to you into a comedy show?

Comedian Michael Cruz Kayne went viral for a tweet he posted on the 10th anniversary of his newborn son’s death. What followed was an outpouring of support, but also: of storytelling, with thousands of people sharing their own experiences of loss.

His one man show, Sorry for Your Loss, and his podcast, A Good Cry, have made the topic of child loss a little bit easier to approach. He’d like you to know you should ask your sad friend about the sad thing that happened to them: it’s ok to not know what to say.



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About our guest:

Comedian and writer Michael Cruz Kayne is the host of A Good Cry, and creator of the one man show, Sorry For Your Loss, from Audible theater. He’s an Emmy nominated, Peabody award winning writer on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Find him at michaelcruzkayne.com and on Instagram and Twitter @cruzkayne

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