What is grief shaming?

Shame is a sneaky beast. We might *think* we’re saying something lovely, helpful and kind… but we’re actually shaming the person we’re trying to help. 

Most people have felt corrected or dismissed inside their grief, even when people around them have the best intentions. Accidental grief shaming can happen to anyone! Once you know what to look for, shift your language so you deliver the support you intend (with no sneaky subtext). 

This applies to any kind of difficulty, not just grief related to death. ANYTIME we try to erase someone’s feelings, we run the risk of missing the mark: making that friend who’s having a bad day feel even worse. Once you see how shame lurks in everyday phrases, you’ll start to see it everywhere. Which is great news… that means you have LOTS of places to practice offering real support and friendship. 

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